Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Starting School Crown - Another FAB Orientation Activty!

Hello Friends,

Last week I shared about our Orientation sessions and a cut and paste activity that we loved! You can read about it here!

This week I wanted to share this freebie that we are going to be making for our next session!

Who doesn't LOVE a crown?! I seriously have a crown for everything. There is so much joy in decorating and wearing a fabulous crown! And I think the best kind of crown is a starting school crown! Here is a picture of me wearing one...

You can download the template for FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store - just click on the image below!

I photocopied the crown template on coloured card and I have cut them out so that in the sessions we can focus on decorating and putting them together.

As well as the crown we also have a social story that we will share together and then each child will take a copy home.

Other versions are available in the download:
  • I am ready to start school!
  • I am ready to start Kinder!
  • I am ready to start Pre Primary!
  • I am ready to start Kindergarten!
  • I am ready to start Prep!
  • I am ready to start Foundation!
  • I am ready to start Year 1!
  • I am ready to start Year 2!
  • I am ready to start Grade 1!
  • I am ready to start Grade 2!

I will share on Instagram how the session goes so make sure you are following along! You can find me at @bigworldteaching

Hope you love making your crowns and if you have any other questions, just ask below!


Friday, 23 November 2018

Cutting Practice - A FAB Orientation Activity!

Hi Friends,

I can't believe it is that time again! We have now had two Orientation sessions at our school, with two more to go! It is such a special time for our new students and their families. It is their first chance to experience formal school and we try to make the transition as smooth as possible! I wanted to share how we set up for our sessions and also one of the activities we doing this year!

Our Orientation sessions are 1 hour long and parents bring their children into the Foundation classrooms to meet the teacher, before going off to a parent session. We have activities set up on the tables when the children enter. They can find something they are interested in, settle and then say goodbye to Mum and Dad.

We then pack up the table activities together and gather on the mat. We read a story, sing a name song and have a little chat. The teacher then explains the activity and then the children go off to complete their activity at the tables.

We take a lot of notes and use checklists to gather as much information as the children as we can. We also have a debrief after each session and go through our notes. This helps us to decide on the final class lists.

As we have four sessions at our school we focus on different skills each time! You can see a general schedule below:

We did the scissor craft activity this week and it was huge success! It was a fun activity and it allowed us to see who can write their name, use scissors and write the numbers 1-5. We were also able observe who worked well together, who needed redirecting, and who followed the instructions given by the teacher.

The caterpillar craft is part of a scissor skills pack available in my Teachers Pay Teachers! Click on the picture below to purchase the pack.

I also shared more about our Orientation schedule and sessions in my Instagram Stories! If you would like to know more about the other activities you are able to watch the videos in my Highlights - my Instagram is @bigworldteaching

If you have any questions about how we structure our Orientation sessions or the activities we include - please ask me below!

Hope your Orientation sessions are as settled and fun as possible!


Saturday, 17 November 2018

Shake, Spill, Record!

Hi Friends,

I wanted to jump on today and share with you a fabulous new resource available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store- Shake, Spill, Record!

We have been learning our partitions of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5 and this has fast become one of our favourite activities in Foundation T!

For this activity you will need double sided counters - if you don't have any at your school you can spray paint one side of dried beans (think Jack's magic beans from Jack and the beanstalk!) to use instead.

This is a really simple activity and once students have done it a couple of times they are able to independently complete the activity!

Students simply toss the doubled sided counters and colour in the counters on their sheet to match how many landed green and how many many landed on red. They then fill in the expression or sum to match!

We started with the partitions of 5 and then once we had nailed them, we moved on to partitions of 10. We are now going back over our partitions of 6, 7, 8 and 9.

You can purchase this product in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store - click below!

Okay, that's it - any questions send me a quick email or hop over to my Instagram Page (@bigworldteaching)!


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Ideas for an Open Night (Open House)!

Hello Friends,

Recently we had our very first Open Night at my school! By Open Night I mean we opened up our classrooms between 5.30 and 7pm and allowed current parents to come and look around our classroom. It was advertised to parents as an opportunity to come and look at our everyday classroom activities and to view student work! It was a wonderful night as parents came through and shared the learning journey with their child!

We set up some of the tables with some maths activities that the students know and love - Shake, Spill, Record (find it here!) and our tens and ones mats with paddle pop sticks - something we have been focusing on this Term. We also set up our Guided Reading table with our whisper phones, magic pointers and a PM reader set.

Students also choose some work in their books that they were proud of - this was a great activity to do on the day of the Open Night as it prepared our students to show their work to their parents! It was wonderful to see them reflect on their learning! We just printed off strips with the sentence starter - 'I am proud of this work because...' 

As you walked in we had set up a sign in table with some bags of popcorn as a thank you to the parents who came in to see us! This was a huge hit!

I had seen this board idea on Pinterest over the years and just thought it was fabulous and just knew that our Open Night would be the perfect opportunity to set it up in our classroom! I printed off the words in bright colours and cut out a big heart. I used a portable display board for the display and had some sticky notes near by for parents to write a response!

At the end of the night it was so lovely to read all the responses from parents.

You can download the sign up sheet, posters, popcorn tags and words for the display for FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store - just click below!

Hopefully you have seen or read some ideas that will help you set up for Open Night at your school!


Sunday, 14 October 2018

We are off to the Zoo!

Hi Friends,

Last term we went on an excursion to Werribee Zoo! It was fabulous! We all had a great time and from an educational perspective, I believe it is the best Zoo to visit in Melbourne! It's also not a big zoo, so you don't spend hours just walking around. The safari ride is a good way to have students actually focused on the animals. I have shared some photos below of some of the animals we saw!

The day after our excursion we completed a poster sharing our experiences! When I photocopied the pages, I enlarged the document to A3. We then discussed and brainstormed each of the boxes before we completed each one.

The finished posters looked so fabulous on display in the classroom and was a great way to share the day with our families!

I wanted to share the template with you! I have included a Werribee Zoo, Melbourne Zoo and Our Zoo Trip template! Just click on the download button below and it will open in a new page where you will be able to download the document!


Sunday, 30 September 2018

Father's Day Recap

Hi Friends,

Wow! This Post was written just after Father's Day, however I am just posting it now! Sorry! 

This week was all about Father's Day in our classroom! We did all things celebrating Dad through our English sessions. For Father's Day this year we made A3 posters all about our Dads, a card from TeachStarter and decorated a mugs and filled them with lollies with the sweetest little tag!

The posters are so fabulous and as low prep as it gets! They are available in my TPT store - click below to go straight there!

When it comes to organising presents to make for Father's Day or Mother's Day you can't go past Kmart hacks and finds! My team and I decided to do decorated mugs - the mugs were 75cents each from Kmart and then you just use Sharpies to draw and decorate on the mug! You need to bake the mugs in the oven for it to be permanent, however we ran out of time so we just added a extra tag with the instructions for parents to do at home!

To make the mugs a little bit more special, we added some lollies inside the mug and wrapped it all up with a Kmart clear bag! To complete the present - we added a little tag which says "You are the sweetest Daddy in the whole wide world!"

We coloured in the tag and I laminated them before attaching them with string to the bag!

You can download the tags below - just press the download button and it will take you to a new page with the tags!

The finished product was fabulous and I hope the Dads loved receiving them for Father's Day!


How to Make a Quick Paper Plate Clock!

Hi Friends, 

This Term we have been learning about Time. We have explored concepts such as days of the week, morning, afternoon and evening and things that take a long or short time. 

We are now moving into looking at formal time and to tune us in, we made a quick and easy paper plate clock!

I thought I would share this simple and easy craft that you can easily make in your classroom! All you need for is the template, coloured paper, paper plates and split pins if you would like to make your clock hands moveable.

My suggestion is that you photocopy the template pages on to colour paper - no one likes a boring clock! 

Have your students cut out all the numbers and clock hands first. Then instruct your students to paste the 12, 6, 3 and 9 on first. This way you can ensure that the spacing will be correct. When these 4 numbers are in place students can arrange the remaining numbers in the correct position. 

When all the numbers are in the correct position, your students can decorate their clock. As split pins are a little tricky on the best of days, so I suggest that an adult assists when putting the split pin in. Using a split pin for the clock hands means that the hands can be moved to show different times. This year we didn't use split pins and instead glued the hands down to represent our favourite o'clock time. We then share our clocks, our favourite time and an activity we do at that time. If you use split pins to add the hands to the clock I like to ask students to make differ different times on their clock and then relate that time to an event in the day.

I hope you enjoy making clocks in your classroom!

Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, 29 July 2018

Book Week 2018 - Find Your Treasure!

Hi Friends,

Well it is almost that time of year again - Book Week! Every year I say it, but it really is the BEST week of the year!

This year's theme is 'Find Your Treasure!' Oh so many possibilities! From pirate and treasure chests, to identifying and sharing what makes us special. I love how open and up for interpretation this year theme is!

Today I would like to share some resources with you to help with your planning and to make Book Week extra special! This is a free download and includes writing templates, a Book Week poster template and book marks in colour and black and white! You can see previews below!

Just click on the DOWNLOAD button below and the PDF document will pop up in a new window!

You don't need to sign up to be able to download the documents, however if you would like to be notified of other FREEBIES or other updates, please fill out the form on the side!

I love seeing pictures of my resources in action, so please tag @bigworldteaching in your pictures on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Book Week Planning!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Confetti Name Art

Hi All,

I posted a photo recently on Instagram of me with one of the funniest books I have every read - Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee! It was such a fabulous read aloud and it had us all in stitches!

Anyway, I had some questions about the amazing name art that was in the background! I thought it was time to share how they were made and also share the document that you can use to create your own name art!

You can download the PowerPoint Document that I used at the bottom of this page- it is already formatted as a landscape A4 page and the lettering is just the outline, there are also two names to each page. I use KG Blank Space Solid Font - available from DaFont for free use if you are just using it in the classroom. You will need to download and install the font before you open the document. Click here to access the font via DaFont. 

All I do is type each student's name into the document and change the font size so the name fits into half the page. I then print out each page as A3 - you can print as A4, however the names will be a lot smaller. I also print on coloured card because everything is better in rainbow! Once you have printed you can cut each page in half ready for your students to decorate!

My students used confetti to decorate their names, however you could use cut up pieces of coloured or patterned paper. Another great idea is to invite students decorate their name by tearing the coloured or patterned paper into smaller pieces.

When students have finished I display on a bulletin board and WOW do they look fabulous!

Have a fabulous week!


Saturday, 3 March 2018

Meeting Our Buddies - Buddy Cards

Hi Friends,

Okay, so this blog post is wayyyyy overdue! We had our first meeting with our buddies weeks ago! However I thought I would share anyway, because you never know! And even if you have meet your buddies for this year, you can save it for next year!

At my school, our Grade Six classes buddy up with our Foundation students. Both the Foundation and Grade Six students love the buddy program and the activities we do throughout the year!

When we first meet our buddies, we gave them a sweet little card to let them know how excited we were to be their buddy!

I printed the cards on A4 card and then folded in half twice. You can choose between having solid font or tracer font and ask students to trace over the words. I have also included NSW Beginner, QLD Foundation, VIC Modern Cursive and HelloTracer (Hello Fonts) pages!

They looked fabulous when they were all coloured in and our Buddies LOVED them!!

I have uploaded the template as a freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store which you can download to either use now or save for next year! Click here!