Tuesday, 30 January 2018

No Hat, No Play, No Fun Today!

Hi Friends,

Back to School is here and I wanted to share one of my favourite activities to kick start the school year. This activity is great because it reminds students and parents that hats are compulsory for outside play. No hat, no play, no fun today! It also makes a super cute classroom display for Term One.

This activity includes a fine motor element as your learners need to cut out the hat and use little squares of paper to cover the hat in your school’s colour. Students can also use the school’s colours to colour to their person to match the school uniform colours. 

I have included Victorian, Queensland and New South Wales font for tracing and a solid font. All included with a boy and girl option - just choose which one suits your class best! 

You can purchase this fun activity from my Teachers Pay Teachers store – click here!

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Back to School - Be Organised! Maths Notes Binder!

Hi Friends,

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read about my Maths Notes Binder! If you would like to create your own anecdotal notes binder for Maths then make sure you have joined the Big World Teaching tribe and add your name to the Subscribe Via Email form in the sidebar!
I don't know about you, but I find taking anecdotal notes for Maths really challenging! In my classroom, I either have one or two focus teaching groups for Maths a day and before I used this binder last year, I would write my notes on a million sticky notes that were left all over my classroom! Absolutely no system! If you are the same, then this binder will encourage you to keep on top of your Maths notes!

There are ten covers to choose from, and the one below is my absolute favourite! The cover files are editable so you are able to add your name and the Term, Semester and Year! I do a Maths Binder for each Semester.

I always include one or two checklist at the start of the binder. This Semester I have included two. I will use one to record when each child works one-on-one with me or in a teacher focus group. The other checklist I will use for skill tracking throughout the Semester.
I then do a double sided recording sheet for each child. It is that easy! At the top of the page I write the student's name using a bright colour so it stands out. Then each time I observe that child I add the date, the task they are working on, where their learning is now and what is next for their learning.

I have found this system of taking notes really effective for planning my focus group sessions. I hope that you find it a success in your classroom as well!
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Back to School - Be Organised! Writing Notes Binder

Hi Friends,

In this post I would like to share with you my Writing Notes Binder, that you can have for FREE! When you subscribe and become a member of the Big World Teaching Tribe you receive an email with all the files you will need to create your own Writing Notes, Maths Notes and Guided Reading Binders! YAY!
For my Writing Notes Binder I want flexibility and something simple to ensure I actually use it! At my school , we have moderation tasks each Semester, as well as our own writing assessment tools that we use from Foundation to Grade Two. Therefore I wanted a binder that I could include my own anecdotal notes, as well as all the assessment pieces from school. I decided that a ring binder would be the answer to all my questions!

There are ten different cover to pick from and they are all editable so you can add your name, as well as the term, semester or year! I also laminate the cover and glue it to the front of a 2-ring binder folder.

Inside each child has their own plastic pocket! At the front I will keep the anecdotal notes page and then behind that I will place work samples and other rubrics that we might use throughout the year.

I have also decided to include a checklist on the anecdotal notes page and these match my Writing Goals Posters that are in my classroom. You can purchase the posters in my TPT Store.
There are also two other recording sheets included - just use the one that suits your classroom needs best!
As always, I have also included two checklist pages at the front of the ring binder. I will use one to record when I work with each child , either one-on-one or in a small group and the other checklist I will use to track early writing behaviours.

Alternatively, if you prefer binding the anecdotal notes into a binder then check out my posts about my Guided Reading and Maths Notes Binder!

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Back to School - Be Organised! Guided Reading Binder

Hi Friends,

I am so happy that your stopped by! This time of year is so busy - trying to end the rest of holidays and also preparing for the teaching year.

One of the things I like to have organised and ready to go is a system to record anecdotal notes . This post is about my Guided Reading Binder which I use for planning my guided Reading sessions, as well as note taking. You can read about my Maths Notes Binder and Writing Notes Binder by clicking on the links.

For me, I have to have all my note pages printed and in the one place so that I actually use them!! For my Guided Reading Binder I do a seperate one for each Semester - this way the binders are not too big.

Let's start with the front cover! There are ten covers to choose from, each with a different print. They are also editable, so you can add your name and a date.

For mine I put which Semester it is for and the year. However if you prefer to have the same planner for the year or Term then just add that in! After I print the cover I laminated it so that it would be nice and strong! I also laminate a piece of card to use as the back cover.
Now on to the pages! I always add a one or two checklists at the start. This is where I can check off Guided Reading texts, or have a checklist of skills that we are focusing on.

I then have a group planner so that I can organise my students into their reading groups. Some years, I have had five groups and other years I have had six. The sheet has space to record six groups, so I can make the decision based on teaching needs.

The rest of the folder has my weekly planner sheet and recording sheets! For each week of the Term I print one weekly planner sheet and the five or six copies of the recording sheet, depending on how many groups I have.

I use the weekly planner sheet to decide on my Guided Reading texts and the focus of each session.
I further plan the session using the recording sheets. On the recording sheet, there is a section to plan
- Reading focus
- Sight words
- Comprehension questions
- Word work
- Follow up activity

For Term One I like to use the the recording sheets with the checklist and then for the remainder of the year I use the sheets with the larger section for Observations/Notes.
If you would like to to make your own Guided Reading Binder or any of the other anecdotal notes binders, you will receive the FREE documents by subscribing to the Big World Teaching tribe! Just enter your email address on the sidebar and you will receive an email with all the files you will need!
Remember to check out my posts about my Writing Notes and my Maths Notes Binders too!
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Back to School - Rainbow Labels!

Hello Friends,

Wow, the start of the 2018 school year is just around the corner here in Australia and if Instagram is anything to go by everyone is in classroom setup mode! I am loving the fern, tropical and natural themes that are popping up this year, however I decided to go with a rainbow theme for my classroom!

As I am a Foundation/Prep Teacher, everything in my classroom needs to be labeled! I am talking everything! From tubs, to pencil holders, and the craft supplies! Everything has a label!

I wanted something fresh, crisp and bright for my tub, bag cubbies and chair labels and I personally think I have hit the mark with these labels!

You can use these labels for your classroom tubs or you can make the font size smaller and use them as book labels or use one of the square labels for your table tubs or book box labels. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! There are four different sizes, so you are able to label your entire classroom!

If you would like to download your own copy of these labels click here! The file download is Powerpoint which you can edit the text anyway you like! Just type in the text box and then change the font and size to suit your needs!

If you would like to make the same labels as mine you will need the Can You Not Bold font from Amy Groesbeck Fonts: Volume Four (Click here to view).

If you use these labels I would love to see them - just tag Big World Teaching on Facebook or @bigworldteaching on Instagram!