Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Ideas for an Open Night (Open House)!

Hello Friends,

Recently we had our very first Open Night at my school! By Open Night I mean we opened up our classrooms between 5.30 and 7pm and allowed current parents to come and look around our classroom. It was advertised to parents as an opportunity to come and look at our everyday classroom activities and to view student work! It was a wonderful night as parents came through and shared the learning journey with their child!

We set up some of the tables with some maths activities that the students know and love - Shake, Spill, Record (find it here!) and our tens and ones mats with paddle pop sticks - something we have been focusing on this Term. We also set up our Guided Reading table with our whisper phones, magic pointers and a PM reader set.

Students also choose some work in their books that they were proud of - this was a great activity to do on the day of the Open Night as it prepared our students to show their work to their parents! It was wonderful to see them reflect on their learning! We just printed off strips with the sentence starter - 'I am proud of this work because...' 

As you walked in we had set up a sign in table with some bags of popcorn as a thank you to the parents who came in to see us! This was a huge hit!

I had seen this board idea on Pinterest over the years and just thought it was fabulous and just knew that our Open Night would be the perfect opportunity to set it up in our classroom! I printed off the words in bright colours and cut out a big heart. I used a portable display board for the display and had some sticky notes near by for parents to write a response!

At the end of the night it was so lovely to read all the responses from parents.

You can download the sign up sheet, posters, popcorn tags and words for the display for FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store - just click below!

Hopefully you have seen or read some ideas that will help you set up for Open Night at your school!


Sunday, 14 October 2018

We are off to the Zoo!

Hi Friends,

Last term we went on an excursion to Werribee Zoo! It was fabulous! We all had a great time and from an educational perspective, I believe it is the best Zoo to visit in Melbourne! It's also not a big zoo, so you don't spend hours just walking around. The safari ride is a good way to have students actually focused on the animals. I have shared some photos below of some of the animals we saw!

The day after our excursion we completed a poster sharing our experiences! When I photocopied the pages, I enlarged the document to A3. We then discussed and brainstormed each of the boxes before we completed each one.

The finished posters looked so fabulous on display in the classroom and was a great way to share the day with our families!

I wanted to share the template with you! I have included a Werribee Zoo, Melbourne Zoo and Our Zoo Trip template! Just click on the download button below and it will open in a new page where you will be able to download the document!